We are delighted to report our nearby neighbours, Blythefield Primary School, have had a series of wonderful recent successes.  These include; the top scoring pupil in Northern Ireland in recent exams; the overall number of pupils progressively increasing; the number of pupils making higher education their priority progressively increasing.

Mrs Catherine Roulston, the Principal has undoubtedly introduced a new dynamic to Blythefield which includes; early morning walks every day (1 mile) for all pupils; a new school garden/teaching center, and importantly, from our perspective, facilitating help and assistance in hardware and softer training activities from some of the companies based right here in Weavers Court!

There must be other ways we can help Blythefield?

How can we/you do more?

Does anyone have any ideas?

Answers ‘on a postcard’ please, to Heather at Weavers Court Reception:  heather@weaverscourt.com